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HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION West Linn, Oregon Minutes January 18, 2005 In attendance Acting President Lynn Fox Secretary Donna Baker Detective Michael Boyd West Linn Police Department David Kempas West Linn Police Department Chad Atkeson West Linn Police Department There were approximately 12 (twelve) members of the Neighborhood Association in attendance. A copy of the sign in sheet is attached. Acting President Lynn Fox called the meeting to order at approximately 7:05 PM at the West Linn Adult Community Center. Minutes were read by the members, discussed and no changes were made. Curt Sommers moved that the minutes be approved, his motion was seconded by Harvey Shultz and passed unanimously by the membership. Committee Reports: Lynn Fox presented a report on the current status of the formal request by the Membership for a blinking sign or a crosswalk at Santa Anita and Horton made at the Febuary, 2004 Traffic Safety Meeting. Despite her attendance at subequent Traffic Safety meetings and written requests for assistance and clarification from Mr. Hudson, WL City Engineer and chair of the Traffic Safety Committee, Mr. Hudson has failed to provide necessary information to the Hidden Springs Traffic Safety Committee as to the current status of the request made by HSNA in February, 2004 for traffic mediation at this site and a meaningful report will not be possible until he does so. It was suggested by Lynn Fox that Members contact Mr. Hudson directly with their questions regarding traffic calming at the Santa Anita, Horton, Churchill Downs Way site. They may use the TC-04 form suggested by Mr. Hudson which he says is available on the City website or call him directly. Copies of all communications with Mr. Hudson should be sent to the City Manager Sandy Farley and the Mayor and Council Members. Ms. Fox also reported that at the most recent Traffic Safety Committee meeting on January 12, 2005 Ms. Fox arrived at the scheduled time of 7:30 in the morning to find the meeting already in progess with a motion about to be made to send a request to the City Council to increase speeds on Santa Anita and Hidden Springs. Ms. Fox advised Mr. Hudson, chair of said meeting, that Mr. Freiling who was at this meeting, had previously brought this request to the HSNA in the November 2004 meeting and the membership expressed profound resistance to Mr. Freiling’s request and refused to carry such a request to the Traffic Safety Committee. Mr. Hudson had a representative of the School Bus company at this meeting who testified that children are never left by the bus drivers at the intersection of Horton and Santa Anita. In the interium, several residents had arrived after Ms. Fox and they contributed their observations that the School buses do, in fact, leave children at that site. Ms Fox had previously provided Mr. Hudson with medical information as to why Mr. Hudson’s idea that he can make teenagers responsible for the illegal behavior of adults speeding on Santa Anita is unrealistic and irresponsible. Despite all the information provided to Mr. Hudson, he decided to present an unqualified witness to misrepresent the facts to the Traffic Safety Committee. Mr. Hudson advised the Committee that it is possible to increase speeds and he is familiar with ODOT procedure and believes he can accomplish increasing the speeds. Mayor King, who was in attendance at the 1/12/2005 Traffic Safety Committee meeting, suggested that a stop sign and crosswalk be installed at the intersection of Hidden Springs, Santa Anita and Horton. Mr. Hudson decided more study is necessary. Ms. Fox obtained copies of the tape of the meeting which is unintelligible. Ms. Fox will approach the City Council meeting and request that the city provide intelligible records. Deb Tingley advised the membership that the Rosemont Middle School PTO president had been appraised of the possible increase in speeds and that they will resist attempts to do so and have contacted the principle of the school who also expressed concern. A motion was made by Harvey Schultz that speed limits remain unchanged on Hidden Springs and Santa Anita and that a crosswalk with appropriate signage be installed at Hidden Springs and Suncrest and enforcement be increased. Charles Lytle amended this motion to include installation of two crosswalks at the intersection of Santa Anita, Horton and Churchill Downs Way Mr. Shultz did not object and Curt Sommers seconded the motion. It was passed unanimously by the membership. Lynn Fox will carry petitions to City Council. Charles Lytle presented a report on the By-Laws Committee. He explained that the previous Secretary, Larry Godsey, had intended to rectify typos in the By-laws. The committee is in the process of completing this work and reconciling the current document with the governing West Linn City Council document. He will go to the council to clarify inconsistencies regarding the use of the words biannual and biennial but does not anticipate substantive changes. New Business: Chuck Lytle moved that the next meeting be held on the 3rd Tuesday of February, 2005 (2/16/2005), Harvey Schultz seconded and the membership passed the motion unanimously. A chilling and very informative presentation on Identity Theft was made by Detective Mike Boyd. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30PM. Respectfully submitted, Lynn Fox, acting President