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HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION West Linn, Oregon Minutes November 16, 2004 In attendance: President, Al Belais Vice President, Lynn Fox Secretary, Donna Baker David Kempas, WL Police Department Additionally there were approximately eleven members of the Neighborhood Association in attendance. President Al Belais called the meeting to order at approximately 7:08. The minutes of the previous meeting held October 19, 2004 were read by the members, discussed and no changes were made. Donna Baker moved that the minutes be approved, her motion was seconded by Harvey Schultz and approved by majority vote of the membership. Donna Baker agreed to fulfill the request of the President at a previous meeting and volunteer for the vacant position of secretary. Steve Freiling, a resident of Churchill Downs Way, complained that traffic on his street had increased and that he believed that increasing the traffic speed on Hidden Springs would alleviate the increased traffic use of Churchill Downs Way. Mr. Schultz, a resident of Hidden Springs did not support an increase of speed of on Hidden Springs. Mr. Thomas moved to advocate that speed not be increased. Diane Belais stated that increased speed on Hidden Springs should be discussed. There ensued discussion among the members and David Kempas, officer from the West Linn Police Department and Hidden Springs resident, advised the body that setting speed limits is the purview of Oregon Department of Transportation and not the City of West Linn. Further discussion of the matter was tabled by motion of Diane Belais, second by Al Bunch and approved by majority vote of the members present. Lynn Fox presented a committee report from the Hidden Springs Traffic Safety Committee of Charles Lytle, Donna Baker and Lynn Fox based upon communications from Mr. Foxworthy, Mr. Hudson and Ms. Fox’s attendance at West Linn Traffic Safety meetings. The membership was advised that the temporary blinking speed sign originally installed on Santa Anita from approximately August 25 to September 13, 2004 had been moved to a site on Suncrest. There was discussion regarding the fact that this sign was originally believed to be a permanent sign. Since the sign is not permanent, the membership decided to send a representative of the Neighborhood Association to the West Linn Traffic Safety Meeting on November 17, 2004 to ascertain what options are available to provide permanent protection for pedestrians crossing Santa Anita at the intersection of Churchhill Downs Way, Horton and Santa Anita. Motion to send a representative was made by Diane Belais, seconded by Harvey Schultz and approved by majority vote of the members present. A presentation was made by Parker Crest Neighborhood Association representative, Bill Relyea, regarding the proposed development at 3560 Parker Road and that association’s desire to maintain a low density plan, R-10, as set forth in the Comprehensive Plan for approximately 16.02 acres located south of Parker Road and west of Beacon Hill Lane. The Planning Commission is conducting a hearing regarding this site on Thursday, November 18, 2004 and Mr. Relyea suggested that Hidden Springs representatives attend said meeting and state their opinions regarding increased traffic, increased student populations and costs regarding supplementation of current infrastructure. A motion to submit a petition from the Hidden Springs Page Two Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association November 16, 2004 minutes Neighborhood Association in support of the Parkercrest position was made by Donna Baker , seconded by Charles Lytle and approved by majority vote. Mr. Belais, President, requested clarification regarding authority to spend Association funds. Mr. Atkins, the city director of neighborhood associations will be contacted for clarification. Diane Belais moved that a By-laws committee be formed to clarify and update the bylaws, seconded by Charles Lytle and passed by majority vote. Mr. Belais resigned as President and Lynn Fox, Vice President agreed to fulfill the responsibilities of President until the next election. Officers Kempas and Bunch provided information regarding difficulties matching students fulfilling Senior Seminar requirements with Association opportunities for neighborhood assistance. The membership discussed options regarding future meetings and limitations of funds for mailings and decided to skip the December 2004 meeting, hold a meeting in January 2005 without sending a mailing and hold a meeting in February 2005 with a mailing. Motion to that effect was made by Donna Baker and seconded by Harvey Schultz. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30 PM. Respectfully submitted by Lynn Fox, acting President