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DRAFT HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION MEETING MINUTES September 21, 2004 Meeting called to order by President Al Belais at 7:05 PM No minutes were available from the last meeting. There was no report from the HSNA Traffic Safety Sub-committee. Candidates for city council Terry Pennington and Scott Burgess gave brief presentations and answered questions. Mike Kapigan also attended and participated in the discussion but did not give a formal presentation. Presentation by Ron Hudson of Public Works Department: Ron noted that there are request forms on the city web site to request Public Works look into problem traffic areas. These requests may also be channeled through the local neighborhood association. The city Traffic Safety Committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Ron distributed studies noting that speed limits on Santa Anita and Suncrest are routinely exceeded. This is quite typical of many streets in the city. The city has extremely limited funding to pay for traffic controls. Possible interventions might include “enhanced crossings” to channel pedestrians crossing both streets. Moved, seconded, and approved request that Public Works conduct study of traffic on Hidden Springs between Rosemont and Carriage Way. Noted by Al Belais that mail notification of this meeting did not arrive in time. Al will check into this. Al will also check with John Atkins or Shawna Schroyer regarding assistance in setting up an e-mail distribution list for those whose addresses we do have. Moved, seconded and approved that HSNA invite mayoral and council candidates to our next meeting. Al Belais delegated Bob Thomas to obtain a list of candidates and to invite them. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM. NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 7:00 PM AT THE WEST LINN ADULT COMMUNITY CENTER.