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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a business license?

Yes, all business operating within the City of West Linn are required to obtain a license. The City now processes all business license requests and renewals securely online and supports payment via credit card, check, money order, or cash.

Business licenses are valid for the fiscal year beginning July 1st and ending June 30th of the following year. Fees for new licenses and renewals are prorated beginning at the six month mark, December 31st.

To start the process, visit our Online Business License Registration page.

How do I register my business?

When you obtain a business license, you will be registering your business at the same time. This process lends your business a sense of authenticity which may be important to your customers. Visit our Online Business License Registration page to get started.

Do I need a permit to temporarily hang or post a sign outside my business?

Yes. Any sign, banner, pennant, valance, or advertising display constructed of cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard, or other light materials, with or without frames, intended to be displayed for a limited period of time requires a temporary sign permit. Please visit our Sign Application page for more information.

Can you help me find land or a new space for my business?

We are happy to assist you in finding a space for your business. Please visit the Available Properties page of the Business Resources section for a listing of properties. You may also contact Chris Kerr, Economic Development Director, who can connect you with information and resources. He can be reached at 503-723-2538 or

Can I operate a business out of my home? How do I get started?

West Linn features a number of successful home-based businesses and it is likely that operating a business out of your home is an option for you. Check out the Home-Based Business Permit page for information about how to get started. Visit our Home Occupation Application page to register your home-based business.

Can I put a table on the sidewalk outside my business?

It is the City's intent to ensure that the use of sidewalks will not have a disruptive effect on pedestrians, vehicular traffic, or business. However, we recognize the value of outdoor seating and displays. Please visit our Sidewalk Use Application page to apply for a permit allowing the display of merchandise or the service of food or beverages on sidewalks in commercial zones.

I'd like to expand my business. Where can I find guidance?

Please contact us so that we can discuss your individual needs and how the City may be of service.

If you have additional questions, please visit the Business section of our website or Contact the City.