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Community Comments

Community comments are outlined in the City Council rules, page 7:

Community Comment

General community comment is established to allow members of the public to speak for three minutes at the beginning of each regular Council meeting on any community matter other than specific agenda items. Council may adjust comment time according to the length of the agenda. Verbally abusive or slanderous comments are not allowed.

Councilors are not expected to engage in discussions while receiving comments; however may ask clarifying questions with the Presiding Officer’s permission. Later, during the business portion of the meeting, Councilors may discuss concerns and direct questions to the City Manager with the understanding that answers from staff may not be immediately available.

Persons requesting to speak must first submit a completed testimony form to the City Recorder. A neighborhood representative may speak as an individual as well as the neighborhood representative when presenting items voted upon by the neighborhood association

When called upon, speakers shall first state their name and city of residence for the record. Copies of written comments and materials are to be handed to the City Recorder to deliver to the Council and submit to the record. If a speaker wishes to show a presentation, the presentation must be delivered to City staff 48-hours prior to the meeting.