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Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2008

Location: West Linn City Hall, Council Chambers


Doug Vokes, President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. PRESENT 7 members and 2 guests present.


Minutes of the previous meeting May 13, 2008 were available.


City of West Linn – NA Stipend Account 2008/09 Opening balance New Fiscal Year Budget (July ’08 – June ‘09) $1,500.00 07/01/08 Carry over from ’07-’08 (approx) 4.00 Closing balance $ 1,504.00


The two schools measures: ballot measure 3-307 = school operation, ballot measure 3-308 = school facilities Email listserve - a distribution list of email addresses maintained by the city. The emails are being taken from the meeting sign-in sheets. The listserve will be used for mass communications regarding SNA business.


Third Annual Summer Picnic – June 22nd: Over 100 meals were served, which consisted of Lion Burgers and hot dogs. We had games for the children and music was provided by the band GlobalFM.


SNA Neighborhood Plan: Steve Faust, AICP, Associate with Cogan, Owens, Cogan, presented the final version of the SNA Neighborhood Plan. The purpose of the plan is to identify the shared vision of the Sunset neighborhood which expresses the goals, policies and action measures to achieve that vision. In conjunction with broader policies and implementation measures contained within the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the neighborhood planning process is intended to protect and enhance livability within specific neighborhoods, as well as help fulfill the overall community vision and create a more livable city. The neighborhood vision, along with goals and policies, were developed based on the results of a questionnaire available on-line and mailed to every neighborhood household in March, 2008. Over several months the steering committee met six times to revise the vision, goals, and polices and actions based on comments received at two publicized SNA meetings. The plan was approved by those who attended the meeting. It will be sent to the next planning commission meeting on October 1st, for their endorsement. Once approved by the planning commission, the plan will be sent to the city council for their approval. If you are interested in seeing the final version of the plan, go to the SNA link on the city website. Special thanks to the eight volunteers who served on the steering committee, and also to Steve Faust for his leadership. Dumpster Day – Saturday, October 4th from 9am – 2pm at Sunset Park.

Elections of officers: We elected the following officers for the new year: • President – Troy Bowers • Vice President – John Snamek • Secretary/Treasurer – Doreen Vokes


With no further business before the SNA, the President adjourned the meeting at 7:48pm. **Next meeting will be held in Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 at city hall.** Respectfully submitted by Doreen Vokes, acting Secretary of the SNA. For association info and meeting minutes, or for general city information, visit ***please note new website address***