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Skyline Ridge Neighborhood Association December 13, 2006 The Skyline Ridge Neighborhood Association meeting was held at 7:30pm, December 13, 2006 at West Linn City Hall. Old Business Minutes from the June meeting were approved. Meeting minutes are available on the Skyline Ridge section of the city website. Treasurer Loretta Schwarz presented the budget showing a balance on hand of $1832.60. The 4th of July picnic ended up favorable to budget by $1100 owing to strong ticket sales and our annual allotment from the city. Bess Milner has been coordinating activities of the welcoming committee to greet new families as they move in and provide them information and contacts pertinent to our neighborhood such as directories, pool info, etc. Please let her know if you notice new neighbors on your street so that we can extend a warm welcome. There have been no recent problems with the neighborhood CC&R’s. Residents are reminded to please submit information regarding plans to change or update the exteriors of their house to the Architectural Review Committee. This would include such things as exterior painting, roofing, major landscaping changes, etc. Thanks again to Kelly Pyrch for his continued efforts over the years to make the successful. New Business The city will install a temporary radar sign along Skye Parkway with the goal of making drivers aware of their speed on our residential streets. Mitch will get information regarding the possibility of placing another brick entryway along Marylhurst near the park and eventually on the lower end of Skye Parkway, similar to the brick gateway on upper Skye Parkway. Amy Cleary of the Clackamas County Dispute Resolution Center gave a presentation of the services available through her organization as an alternative to litigation. This could potentially be very helpful to settle disputes among neighbors and for CC&R enforcement. At this point no one has stepped forward to take on the prestigious role of neighborhood president. Please let me know if you would be willing to serve your neighbors in this capacity. Otherwise I will be forced to choose someone at random from the neighborhood directory. Respectfully submitted, Mitch Brock