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Skyline Ridge Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes 5/15/05 The meeting took place at the park during a nice sunbreak between rainstorms on 5/15/05. The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and approved. Karoline provided brownies. Loretta Schwarz (in absentia) provided information confirming no change in the budget from our last meeting; we still have $1502 in our account. The new neighborhood directory is being assembled for distribution within the next few weeks. Thanks to Mike Bagetta, Kristin Campbell, and Shelly Cruze for their efforts with this project. Considerable discussion was given to the issue of CC&R’s. It was clear from the group that there was a strong desire to maintain the integrity of our CC&R’s by enforcing their provisions. The decision to pursue enforcement was unanimous regarding a flagrant CC&R violation concerning a substandard roof in our neighborhood. An attorney has been consulted and mechanisms to finance the legal filing were discussed. One proposal was that each household be asked to contribute $50 for this effort. An ad hoc committee has been formed to oversee this project and will be disseminating more information to the neighborhood. It would be helpful to have block captains for each street in our neighborhood. We will be seeking volunteers for block captains who will be responsible for welcoming new neighbors as they move in including providing directories, pool information, contact information for SRNA officers, and making sure new residents have updated CC&R information. Please let Mitch Brock know if you are interested. We began planning for the July 4th picnic. There was enthusiastic support for using a similar format to last year including Buster’s barbeque, live music, and a variety of family games. Please let Mitch know if you would be interested in volunteering to help with planning and coordinating the day’s activities. 635-7389. We are also seeking volunteers to help update our e-mail list to help disseminate information and announcements to neighborhood residents. This information is private and is not shared with outside interests or businesses. The directory does not include e-mail information. Please let Mitch know if you are willing to help with this update effort-it should be pretty easy if several people take part. Mitch will arrange posting minutes of our SRNA meetings on the West Linn City website. Some of our residents on Troon and Skye Parkway complained about speeding traffic on these streets. The pros and cons of speed bumps as a long term solution were discussed, and the process of having these installed is a lengthy one. In the short term it was requested that the city provide increased police patrols of these areas. Mitch will contact the city about this. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the meeting minutes or the neighborhood association. Respectfully submitted, Mitch Brock