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City of West Linn Robinwood Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting Minutes Tuesday, September 10 Mike Kapigian called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. The persons who attended recited the Pledge of Allegiance. 21 people attended. The August minutes were not available for review at this time but will be made available at the October meeting. Items Discussed Upcoming elections David Tripp, Mayoral candidate, came and discussed his political platform. He is against development of the Stafford Triangle and mass annexation policies. Curt Sommer has similar political beliefs to David Tripp and is running for City Council. Dog Club of West Linn Harold and Cathy Cox, owners of The Dog Club of West Linn, and Vernon Lee (architect) presented proposed changes to the building. They are undergoing a design review and sound study as part of the planning process. They are proposing to replace the overhead doors with permanent windows and add 2nd floor storage space. They are also proposing a new HVAC system and increased landscaping which will decrease the asphalt by about 420 square feet. Recommendations by members of the neighborhood association were made to 1) place the street number of the business in a prominent/visible location, 2) improve the appearance of the door on the front side of the building (closest to Hwy 43), and 3) consider creation a mural as an alternative to the faux window design. The majority of comments about this proposal were favorable. Lake Oswego to Portland Transit and Trails Study Skip Ormsby returned to discuss the corridor study and present a portion of the Metro Council meeting in which Brian Newman addressed discussions with Judy Hammerstad of Lake Oswego and Fred Hansen of Tri-met, excluding West Linn from the corridor study. Skip presented growth estimates of 126% for West Linn in the next 25-30 years. He also stated that the 7 minute transfer time estimate (i.e. from the bus line to the proposed downtown trolley in Lake Oswego) seemed unrealistically short. He encouraged the RNA to join with him and the Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association in filing a joint resolution against Metro on this issue. Trails Kevin Bryck stated that more money was needed to complete trail signs. He reported that the Trails committee had also not yet received the money from the RNA that had been approved in May 2005. Vision Kevin Bryck reported that there were no changes on the Neighborhood plan. He stated that each neighborhood association, however, would be responsible for financing the public outreach as part of the approval process. He is unclear as to what level of outreach is needed to get to plan Page 1 of 2 Page 2 of 2 approved. In addition, Kevin reports that Bryan Brown is negotiating the contract for the TSP grant with ODOT. However, early reports indicate that the RNA study is turning into a Hwy 43 corridor study from Lake Oswego to Hood Street. Sewer Plant David Dodds reported that the Citizens Advisory Committee is making recommendations about sewer capacity handling this month. He talked about the possibility of a sewage treatment plant in Milwaukee with an underground facility. He will keep us informed. Mary Hill reported that Dumpster Day is tentatively scheduled for September 30th. Sandwich boards were discussed as a way of notifying the neighbors in Robinwood about dump day. Mike Kapigian noted that RNA did receive its full budget allotment from the city for this year and that money did go, as previously voted, to the Arts. I, Anne Beltman, agreed to be a substitute secretary to record the minutes of this meeting. I sincerely apologize if I have made any errors or omitted pertinent information. Respectfully submitted by: Anne Beltman