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Registered Sex Offenders

Offenders are required to register with law enforcement annually within 10 days of their birthday. Failure to comply is a misdemeanor crime. They are also required to register within 10 days of changing their address. Failure to comply with this requirement is a felony crime. PROCEDURES FOR CITIZENS TO OBTAIN INFORMATION ABOUT SEX OFFENDERS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD: Information available changes based on case law and current rulings. Information may, or may not, be completely reliable because the offender may have reported a change of address after the report was printed, may have provided false information, or may have moved and failed to report a change of address. The most current information on properly registered sex offenders can be obtained by calling the Oregon State Police-Sex Offender Registration Unit at 1-503-378-3725 Ext. 4429.  Leave your name, address and zip code and the information on sex offenders registered in that zip code area will be mailed to you. This information is maintained and updated daily by OSP.  Many states list the names and addresses of registered sex offenders on their website, but Oregon does not.