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Residential Infill/PUD Task Force

ISSUE: As the City of West Linn approaches its ultimate residential build-out, it is expected to receive a greater number of requests for residential housing developments on smaller, often constrained, properties that are surrounded by existing housing. Development of these “infill” sites requires alternative regulatory approaches to create more desirable infill housing that is compatible with the community’s overall vision. The City Council has instructed Staff and the Planning Commission to revise the City’s code to address this issue.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the project is to facilitate more appropriate and desirable residential infill development in the city by modifying the PUD Chapter, as well as other Code sections as necessary, coordinating applicable regulations, removing obsolete and ineffective provisions, and clarifying confusing and contradictory language.   The City of West Linn’s Planning Commission has appointed a seven member “Residential Infill/PUD Task Force” to recommend specific code amendments for the Commission to consider.  The Task Force is made up of City of West Linn residents with expertise or a particular interest in this topic.

TASK FORCE MEETINGS: All meetings are open to the public and public comments can be provided in person at any meeting, via email to Sara Javoronok, Associate Planner, or in writing to: Sara Javoronok, Associate Planner, City of West Linn 22500 Salamo Road West Linn, OR 97068

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