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LAND USE PRE-APPLICATION CONFERENCE Thursday, June 6, 2013 22500 Salamo Road Willamette Conference Room 1. Time:  9:00 am Small office addition and addition of exterior entry stairs to replace existing dilapidated wood stairs. • 19220 Nixon Ave • Bradley Horne/Arciform LLC  for Craig & Julie Heath • Robinwood Neighborhood Association • Project No. PA-13-18 • Planner:  Tom Soppe 2. Time:  10:00 am Applicant proposes a subdivision application to create 4 lots for single family detached homes • 4997 Summit St • John Wyland, JT Smith Companies • Sunset, Rosemont Summit and Parker Crest Neighborhood Associations • Project No. PA-13-17 • Planner:  Tom Soppe 3. Time:  11:00 am Conditional Use Permit and Class I Design Review for permanent community center use at Robinwood Station • 3706 Cedaroak Dr • Ken Worcester – COWL, Randall Fastabend • Robinwood Neighborhood Association • Project No. PA-13-16 • Planner:  Tom Soppe 4. Time:  1:30 pm Applicant proposes building a 2,752 SF single family home. A portion of the site is within a water resource area transition resulting in 838 buildable SF. Propose to reduce WRA setback and mitigate per 32.090. • 2343 Taylor Dr • Pahlisch Homes, Shannon McDonald • Willamette Neighborhood Association • Project No. PA-13-19 • Planner:  Tom Soppe