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1. Time: 8:00 am Remove approx. 14’-8”w x 9’-8”h of storefront glazing to accommodate a new ATM and night drop box. Infill approx. 9’-3” of opening with new stucco to match existing adjacent. Infill remainder of opening with storefront glazing to match existing. • 19064 Willamette Dr. • Sabine O’Halloran, Ankrom Moisan • Robinwood Neighborhood Association • Project No. PA-11-30 • Planner: Tom Soppe 2. Time: 10:00 am De-construct rear deck and converted porch. Build up to code new 18’ x 14’ wood deck and family room approx. 365 s.f. – only increasing 120 s.f. of living space. New rear door and windows. Siding will match existing (salvage materials will be used) • 1745 4th Ave. • Colin McCoy & Christine Reising • Willamette Neighborhood Association • Project No. PA-11-31 • Planner: Sara Javoronok