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Time: 9:00am Meeting Type: Remove or change 35' setback requirement for driveway access from a corner. Subject Property Address: 1694 Killarney Dr. Applicant Name(s): Bill Lorenz/Palisade Homes Neighborhood Assn: Willamette Case Number: PA‐10‐17 Planner: Chris Kerr   Time: 10:00am Meeting Type: Flood management area permit for addition of roof structure on patio in 100 year flood plain. Subject Property Address: 18444 Nixon Ave. Applicant Name(s): Landscape East & West Neighborhood Assn: Robinwood Case Number: PA‐10‐16 Planner: Tom Soppe Time: 11:00am Meeting Type: Extension of approval for 2‐lot partition. Subject Property Address: 21510 Shannon Ln Applicant Name(s): West Coast Home Solutions Neighborhood Assn: Rosemont Summit Case Number: PA‐10‐15 Planner: Tom Soppe