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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is appointed by City Council and shall have the responsibility of advising city council in the following areas:

Determining park needs and recommending programs to meet identified needs;
Making recommendations for the annual park budget;
Recommending comprehensive park policy and advising on the acquisition and receipt of new park land and recreation facilities;
Making recommendations to the city council as requested by city council;
Maintaining an active two way communication liaison with the planning commission;
Overseeing the execution and modification of the Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan;
Advising concerning the management and control of public parks and recreation facilities.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Members:
Chair - John Linman
Vicky Handy
Todd Jones
Don Kingsborough
Amy Murphy
Roger Shepherd
Sarah Silvernail

City Council Liaison – Thomas Frank

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meets throughout the year.

The regular meeting date is 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm, West Linn City Hall, Bolton Room

For more information contact the Parks and Recreation Department 503.557.4700 or contact the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board at