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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: July 26, 2006 West Linn City Hall 7:00 PM Attendees Bela Barany, Treasurer Alice Richmond, Past President Kirstin Greene Gerald Pasquantonio Steve Faust Susan Laszlo Joanne Pinelli Pat Craig Dave Craig Doug McDowell Agenda items 7:00 - Meeting Opens – 7:01- Introduction – Welcome 7:05 - Overview of current events • Police Department Report • A discussion of the PCNA, By Laws • Notice of elections for officers, PCNA 7:15 -Friends of Tanner Creek, Skate Park Issues, • Discussion/changes/vote/ of the "Concerned Citizens for a Better Tanner Creek Park/Skate Park" document. • Discussion/vote/implementation plan/signatures for the "Petition" that accompanies the "Concerned Citizens" document. 8:00- Rosemont Summit Neighborhood and the HOA Task Force, traffic calming measures 8:15 -Update on the Neighborhood Development Plan, Review of the Action Items, Next Steps 9:00 - Closing remarks- adjournment Last month’s PCNA meeting minutes Minutes were presented. Minutes were approved. Action Items Community Reports Police Officers neighborhood update: • Traffic control and concerns were discussed. Traffic radar signs and more use of law enforcement officers was needed. • Construction trucks and their lack of respect for the community and speed limit, community routes was addressed. • Burglary in cars and houses was discussed, the officers stated that community members should call when unusual circumstances are observed. • Solicitors and proper hours for approaching homeowners were discussed • Skate-park problems were discussed • The safe house program was discussed Overview of current development projects: • Planning Commission Meetings and Notices were discussed • Planning Director Decisions were discussed • West Linn City Council Public Meeting Agendas were discussed. • An update on The Neighborhood Development Plan was provided. Community Comment Period: Parker Crest NA By Laws were discussed, especially the section about what makes a quorum. A Draft of the Skate-Park petition was circulated for review. Meeting adjourned at 9:00