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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: October 26, 2005 West Linn City Hall 7:00 PM Attendees: Bill Relyea PCNA President David Dodds Bela Barany Alice Richmond Don Lewis Greg Morse Bob & Dawn Adams David Rittenhouse Agenda Items: Overview of current events, Neighborhood Association Planning Meeting, Clearwater Project, Goal 5. Last month’s meeting minutes were presented by Bill Relyea. Minutes were approved by a unanimous vote. David Dodds and Greg Morse, two guest speakers were introduced by Bill Relyea. Overview of Current Projects: Maxfield: Three PCNA members met with Bryan Brown, Director of Building and Planning Department and concluded that several issues are not proceeding according to plans. Mr. Brown made some notes and assured the three PCNA members that he will address these issues with the developer and that building permits will not be issued until the development meets all the planning criteria. Liquor License Application for Oasis Café: Bill Relyea distributed a copy of an e-mail written by Detective Sgt. Mike Boyd at West Linn Police informing neighborhood associations’ presidents about an application by Oasis Café for a liquor license. Comments regarding this application could be directly made to Detective Sgt. Mike Boyd, or at the November 14 City Hall meeting. Sex Offender Article: Bill Relyea presented attendees with an article from the Oregonian highlighting a sex offender’s case and the lenient verdict issued by the judge. At the same time, several articles were also distributed on sex crimes, prevention, Internet pornography’s influence on child abuse in America, and protecting children from child abuse and child molesters. West Linn Park Watch: information was given on the joint effort between citizens, West Linn Parks and Recreation, and the West Linn Police Department to ensure the safety of our neighborhood parks. This program is an extension of the Neighborhood Watch program and it relies on neighbors using simple techniques to detect, report, and deter crime and disorder in local parks. The next Neighborhood Association Planning Meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, November 8, 2005 at the adult community center. Clearwater Project David Dodds presented an overview of the Clearwater Project whose progress he has been actively monitoring. This presentation was part of his efforts to visit neighborhood associations to inform West Linn residents about the project’s implications. The Clearwater Project is pursued by the County to create a sewer treating facility that would support growth and centralize water treatment functions in Clackamas County. As it stands, West Linn residents may have to share the costs of growth occurring within the county (Damascus), while the city’s current facility is operating at less than its full capacity. The current Tri-City facility serves West Linn, Gladstone and Oregon City. It was proposed that all WL neighborhood associations write a joint letter to the City Council for a status report and the City Council’s position on the Clearwater Project. Goal 5 Greg Morse introduced us the idea behind Goal 5, a city program to inventory the city’s natural resources, areas that need to be protected. He has done a lot of research and found that despite the city spending over $200,000 on this project, the city has not looked at this plan in order to determine what areas and to what extent can be developed. The information contained in the Goal 5 Project is all good information. The fact that the city has not adopted it does not render it irrelevant. Bill Relyea proposed that the neighborhood looks at the Goal 5 inventory and includes its findings as part of the Neighborhood Development Plan. Community Comments Period It was discussed that there are several important issues that may affect West Linn residents’ lives for a long term and we as citizens are not aware of the City Council’s position on them. More openness, better transparency would be beneficial from the city government. It was also mentioned that the Mayor promised the continuation of the previous Mayor’s “Friday Open House” policy, however, it has not happened yet