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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: January, 2006 West Linn City Hall 7:00 PM Attendees: Bill Relyea PCNA President Alice Richmond, Past President Bela Barany, PCNA Treasurer Sue McHugh, PCAN Resident Esther Cramer, PCNA Resident Suzan Russell, PCNA Resident Shauna Shroyer, City of West Linn, Staff Member Agenda Items: 7:00- Meeting Opens – 7:05- Introduction – Welcome Approve November and December-2005 Minutes 7:15- Overview of current events • Status of Neighborhood Development Consultant Contract- Cogan Owens Cogan has been awarded the contract to develop our Neighborhood Plan; they will begin the process of organizing the meetings in February. • Metro Open Space Bond – The bond initiative was discussed and possible sites for consideration within the bond measure were discussed. The Oregon White Oak Savanna adjacent to Blankenship, Tannler Drive and the 10th Street exit was high on the list of suggestions. • Music in the Park Series- A motion was made and unanimously approved to allocate $250.00 of the PCNA budget to the Music in the Park series hosted by the Arts Commission. • Clackamas County News – The Clackamas County Newsletter, Winter 2006 edition was reviewed and items of interest were discussed with the membership. Of particular interest were: o The three communities seeking hamlet and village status. o The 1996 flood and the importance of preparing for floods in the future. o New technology for assistance in locating missing persons. o Parks and the future allocation of new space for parks. • Police Department Report • Development and Construction Projects Report – We will be asking the City to put up the banner providing notification about the Planning process. The banner was previously produced and hung on the Tanner Creek Restrooms building. • Pre-Application Hearings Report- None at this time 8:30- Community Comment Period, General Discussion Period, New Business 1. A blood drive is going to be held on February 1, 2006 from 9:00 am – 12:00 at the City Hall. 2. Volunteer opportunities exist for those wishing to assist in removing ivy from Wilderness Park. Meeting location is on Saturday at Summit and Clark. 3. The Parker Road, Adopt - A- Street program, this is a 2 year commitment Shauna provided a flyer with information for distribution. 4. A City wide clean up day is being scheduled for April 8, 2006; the location will be Wilderness Park. Limitations on collecting items were questioned, no tires, chemicals or appliances will be allowed. It was suggested that a food donation drive be held simultaneously with this event. Shauna mentioned that she would take this into consideration and discuss it further with the appropriate staff members. 9:00- Closing remarks and adjournment.