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Neighbors Helping Neighbors Volunteer Application

Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) is a community effort to help citizens in need. Thank you for signing up to volunteer with this community event.

NHN aims to help out fellow neighbors who are over 70 years of age, or those with limited mobility, who are no longer physically and financially able to care for their yards.

Homes are prioritized based on need and the number of volunteers signed up to help. All volunteers are screened prior to the NHN day of service.

For minors, please print out the waiver form and have it signed by a parent/guardian and bring with you to the event.


In order to serve the best interests of the citizens of West Linn, a criminal background check may be conducted on potential volunteers.
Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless: *All volunteer activities are subject to some degree of risk or harm. *Volunteer must notify the Project Manager of any physical limitations the volunteer may have in carrying out the project work. I affirm I am physically able to perform the volunteer activities. If at any time I believe that I may not be able to perform any activity, I shall promptly notify the Project Manager and I will not engage in any activity that I believe I am not physically able to perform. *If the project is described as "outdoor," the site conditions are outside the control of the City of West Linn and may present known, visible hazards as well as unknown, undisclosed hazards. *The City of West Linn does not provide medical insurance for any volunteer. *In the event of an accident, illness, injury, or other physical impairment during my service, I authorize emergency medical transportation and/or treatment including but not limited to surgical or dental examination and treatment, whether administered by a volunteer or third party medical personnel and give my permission to be treated by a professional medical person and admitted to a hospital if necessary. I agree to be the person responsible for all medical expenses incurred on my behalf. *I hereby release you, your organization, and others from any liability or damage that may result from furnishing the information requested.