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WNA MEETING Pacific West Bank at Willamette Marketplace Wednesday,1/13,2010 7 PM Agenda Meeting called to order by Buffalo Zobel at 7:05pm Attendance: Elizabeth Kieres, Buffalo Zobel, Elizabeth Rocchia, Franny Heald, Sarah Brown, Sharon Murphy, Rich Clark, Phyllis Clark, Rae Henry, Ruth Offer, Jerry Offer, Gail Holmes, Julia Simpson, Carol Yates, Charles Awalt and Jody Carson. Kevin Bryck guest speaker. Minutes: from December were accepted as written. Treasurer’s Report: Current Balance at US Bank 2191.47. Checks written- $180 Yoga, $131.75 Yoga room rent,$54.93 Elizabeth Rocchia (gift gloves for Jen and Tarra, Flowers Pac West, parade supplies). Current Balance at PAC WEST $1357.57 (City stipend) Guest Speaker Kevin Bryck came to announce that the goal of the League of West Linn Neighborhoods has changed to where the group is now focusing on educational outreach and citywide communication. The group meets on the second Saturday of the month at 10 am in the PAC WEST Bank. He is the new chair. The email for the League is Committee Reports Ruth Offer reported the WNA subcommittee’s review of CDC Ch 25 Historic District. A motion was made and seconded: WNA recommends adoption of the changes to Chapter 25 developed by the WNA subcommittee in November 2009. Ruth Offer Presented the document with Ch 25 changes recommended by the committee. Q&A and discussion followed. Motioned passed unanimously. WNA members also expressed an interest in seeing specific language governing windows style and materials in historical homes. A motion was made and seconded: WNA supports the addition of language in Chapter 25 referencing windows. Discussion followed, motion passed unanimously. Midge Pierce presented information about an upcoming Metro Councilor hearing on January 21 at Wilsonville City Hall. The hearing will include public testimony opposing urban designation for the Borland Road corridor and Stafford Triangle. Testimony begins at 6:00pm but meeting begins at 4:30pm. Despite WL stance on the issue, Metro is leaning toward designating Stafford/Borland as an Urban Reserve (per memo from Teri Cummings). Midge and Julia both spoke out about encouraging letters and public testimony from WL citizens. A motion was made and seconded: WNA to send representative(s) of WNA to the Metro Councilor’s meeting to present the statement sent to the county in opposition to Stafford being designated as an Urban Reserve. Discussion and Q&A with Jody Carson followed. Motion passed unanimously. WNA motion from September 2009 meeting that was sent to Clackamas County Board of Commissioners states as follows: The Willamette Neighborhood Association urges a rural designation for the Borland Rd corridor and Stafford Triangle. Any consideration of other designations must include specific funding for infrastructure and transportation. Motion passed with 1 opposed, 1 abstaining Beth Kieres would provide a copy of the September document to the county for Julia and Midge who are planning to go to the meeting and represent the WNA. West Linn Food Bank Challenge that was generated by WNA last month was considered a success. Buffalo Zobel reported that $275 was donated by WNA and many food donations came in. No other NAs reported in the challenge so the WNA will get a couple pies at the meeting next month! WL Trail Master Plan-Jerry Offer brought maps of the current trails in the WNA area. Sarah Brown of Katherine Court expressed concern over the possibility that the City could put a trail on her family’s property. Elizabeth Rocchia commented that on the few properties that extend to the riverfront, the trails cannot connect there unless the city buys the property. The members of the WNA present viewed current trails and wrote on the map where they would like to see trails and connections in the future. New Business: Sharon Murphy of Paws Animal Shelter proposed to the WNA that she is considering buying and restoring the farm house at Field’s Bridge Park. She would like to house her offices there-but not the animal shelter. She would also like the house to have some community and public use. She would also like to help maintain and improve the public vegetable gardens. She would like the WNA to support her in this. The group discussed the idea and felt they could only support research into saving the house at this point. If the house could be saved then more discussion could occur about what it could be used for. A motion was made: WNA supports Paws Animal Shelter investigating options for saving and using the farm house at Fields Bridge Park. Motion passed with 13 in favor, 2 opposed and 1 abstaining. Announcements: Historic District-celebration planning update. Ruth Offer reported that we do not have a place to have the celebration yet. She will continue to work on this and update the neighborhood. Next Meeting February 10th, 7pm Pacific West Bank Respectfully Submitted, Elizabeth Kieres acting secretary