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WNA MEETING Pacific West Bank Wednesday November 11 2009 7 PM 1. Introductions-Jerry Offer, Ruth Offer, Jody Carson, Elizabeth Rocchia, Buffalo Zobel, Andy Rocchia, Elizabeth Kieres, Kevin Bryck, John Kovash, Gail Holmes, Midge Pierce, Stephanie Nicoletti 2. Minutes on line 3. Treasurer’s Report $2912.15 at US Bank. $1357.57 with City account. Expenses since last report Supplies $85. Carriage for lantern tour $300. Yoga teacher $360. Use of this year’s funds to be discussed 4. Recent e-mails from the mayor- re process of committee on Willamette Historic District code. Discussion about the emails between mayor and Lyn Fox criticizing the process surrounding our input to the planning department on revisions to Chapter 25 of the code. There seemed to be a misunderstanding about a formal advisory committee appointed by City which was not the case vs. subcommittee of WNA with Historic Advisory Committee input. There are different rules for formal advisory group. Plan for future work groups. Motion at a meeting forming a committee on a specific issue with work group open to any in WNA. If time, the committee should bring any decisions back to the WNA for official backing by proposing a motion and taking a vote. 5. Food Bank- Stephanie Nicoletti proposed a challenge to the other West Linn neighborhood associations to see which NA can raise the most money for the West Linn Food Pantry. Each NA assigns a person for that NA to collect checks made out to the West Linn Food Pantry and to keep record of the amounts. Totals submitted on Dec 31st. Winning NA get pies baked by Beth Kieres at their meeting in Jan or Feb. Other comments: foods/supplies are also accepted by the West Linn Food Pantry, as is volunteer time. Most needed items could be listed on the website, stores do give food, and with money shopping can be done to get bunk rates. The importance of healthy nutritious food was stressed. Motion Willamette Neighborhood Association challenges the other West Linn neighborhood associations to a competition for raising funds for the West Linn Food Pantry 11/11/09-12/31/09. Motion seconded. Passed unanimous. Stephanie will notify the City and link to other NAs. Press release by Midge 6. West Linn Trail Master Plan- Jerry Offer reported. City will hire consultant to help work with the community to get input to formulate a new master plan. Participation will be in workshops and there will be web input possible as well. Plans are not for meeting with each NA but rather regional meetings. Discussion. Primarily a pedestrian focus- bicycle trails are a part of the transportation master plan. The goal is to map specific alignment, purpose, and type of trail and connections to regional trails. A comment was made about the importance not just of recreational trails but trails to actually get people to somewhere they want to go. WNA priorities were identified 1) Willamette river trail connecting Willamette to central West Linn (Ken Worchester has been working on obtaining easement from the mills and PGE) an alternate route is higher, closer to Willamette Falls Dr along the old sewer line/trolley line, starting at the north extension of 5th Ave– part of that line is through private property and easement is in process still. 2) Dollar St to Fields Bridge Park along bluff above cove through what is again school property. 3) Tannler to N Willamette improve access to N Willamette Park and increase usage. 4) Extension of the centennial path through Willamette Park Plan: more discussion in Jan/Feb 7. Historic Registry Celebration- Dec 8th possibly. Place to be confirmed Willamette Methodist Church or Willamette Primary. Information on street signs, plaques, and general discussion will be available. Joy Sears from SHPO expected to attend. Each homeowner in the District will be notified. Motion WNA purchase refreshments for the celebration. Motion seconded and passed unanimously. The City will cover other expenses i.e. printed materials 8.Halloween Re-cap- successful event. Sashi wrote thanking the WNA New Business Christmas parade December 12. Discussion about WNA involvement Plan It was decided we would set up our tent and banner at 12th and WFDr with hot cider and candy canes and enter the Offer’s red truck in the parade. Elizabeth and Beth and Midge will work on the tent and supplies and Stephanie will work on the truck with Jerry and Ruth Announcements Planter Clean up last one Nov 21. Discussion about the area at the 10th St off ramp and by the Albertson’s. Motion To extend to 3 hrs the clean up this Saturday 0900-1200 in order to assess other areas. Seconded and passed Need more volunteers/ merchant involvement. ? ODAT right of way. Ruth will bring camera for documentation Maddax Woods lighting of the trees starts Nov 14 12-6pm sale to benefit for the Friends of Maddox Woods. Lights 4-9pm until 12/31 lights. Elizabeth has a suggestion for next year when the new bridge over the Tualatin River is completed. Bosky Dell neighbors will walk from their side meeting up at the bridge with a WNA group walking from the other side for a ceremony. Next Meeting Dec 9th Beth’s birthday (cake will be needed) Agenda Items for Dec Main Street update group Finalize parade plans Process for parks trail master plan Discussion of use of WNA funds. Solar powered lights for business district?. City Councilors thanked for coming to this meeting Beth asked if anyone had any questions or concerns to address to the councilors. There followed some discussion about the wastewater issue including the question of who will represent West Linn on the advisory board. Councilor Kovash favors a citizen representative with some technical background.