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HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION MINUTES MEETING OF APRIL 7, 2007 CALL TO ORDER. The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM at the West Linn Market of Choice public meeting room by President, Lynn C. Fox. Other officers in attendance: Harvey Schultz, Vice President; Charles Lytle, Secretary. QUORUM DATA. The total number of eligible members attending at least one meeting since the beginning of the calendar year was 14. At 1%, the quorum for this meeting was 2. Seven eligible members were in attendance, thus this meeting stands as an official meeting of the HSNA. NEW BUSINESS. President Lynn Fox explained that the city council has decided to change the code regarding neighborhood associations. A markup copy of the proposed changes to Section 2.100, as e-mailed by John Atkins, was distributed. The members discussed each of the six sections in detail. The following is a compilation of the sense of the membership. (3) Standards, Preamble. Put back the sentence beginning “Neighborhood district boundaries shall be logical, contiguous, and follow identifiable features…” (3b) Standards, Boundaries. Put back the entire deleted text, beginning with “The boundaries of a neighborhood association shall be drawn by the association membership…” (3c) Standards, Neighborhood Association Governance. Return the rest of 2.100 to its original language with the following four exceptions: Change “ That a minimum of one general neighborhood association meeting be held each calendar year…” to “That a minimum of one general neighborhood association meeting per quarter be held each calendar year…” Add: “The city council will hold two meetings per year with all the officers of the neighborhood associations expected to attend. These meetings will be open to the public.” Add: “…and follow Robert’s Rules of Order…” Add: “Applicants will be required to pay for mailings to all residents of affected neighborhoods regarding proposed developments.” A motion was made by Charles Lytle to direct the HSNA President to attend the upcoming forum and state the above as the position of the NA. Second by Harvey Schultz. Vote on the motion: 6-0-0. ADJOURNMENT. There being no other business to come before the membership, the meeting was adjourned at 12:05 PM by President Lynn C. Fox. Recorded by HSNA Secretary Charles R. Lytle. Approved at the 4/17/07 meeting.